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    Spruce up your house with candelabra. Let yourself be seduced by our candelabra collection and bring more sparkle to your lifestyle.
    7 products
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    Unique Interiors Lifestyle Nightingale tealight holder 10.5CMD Candle holder tea light interior
    Nightingale tealight holder
    R 49.00
    Unique Interiors Lifestyle Sonor Jar 17.5cmd x 16cmh Decor interior event candle holder Unique Interior
    Sonor Jar
    R 149.00
    Gold candelabra unique Interiors
    Gold candelabra
    R 1,019.00
    polished candleabra 80cm H
    R 1,398.00
    Polished Candelabra
    Polished Candelabra 60cm
    R 1,089.00
    Perpectua candleholder
    Perpectua candleholder
    R 995.00
    Unique Interiors Lifestyle White candleabra (80cmh) Decor interior event candle holder
    White candleabra
    R 1,329.00

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