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    Accessorise your home with stylish & quirky ornaments, figurines, animals & sculptures. Ornaments are an easy and cost-effective way of adding depth & interest to any room in your home.
    134 products
    Feng lizard Unique Interiors
    Feng lizard
    R 399.00
    Carpe Fish
    R 389.00
    Bellatrix monkey Unique Interiors
    Bellatrix monkey
    R 698.00
    Beethoven monkey Unique Interiors
    Beethoven monkey
    R 698.00
    Harper monkey Unique Interiors
    Harper monkey
    R 935.00
    The governor monkey Unique Interiors
    The governor monkey
    R 649.00
    Giraffe Unique Interiors
    R 239.00
    Zebra Unique Interiors
    R 229.00
    Sir rooster
    R 719.00
    Madam hen unique interiors
    Madam hen
    R 619.00
    Porkie pig Unique Interiors
    Porkie pig
    R 419.00
    R 149.00
    Zilla Cat Unique Interiors
    Zilla Cat
    R 569.00
    Scotch bunny Unique Interiors
    Scotch bunny
    R 449.00
    Hop Bunny Unique Interiors
    Hop Bunny
    R 449.00
    Archibald Dog Unique Interiors
    Archibald Dog
    R 619.00
    Rooster Daddy Unique Interiors
    Rooster Daddy
    R 829.00
    Rory Rooster
    Rory Rooster
    R 829.00
    Champion Cow Unique Intreriors
    Champion Cow
    R 629.00
    Mister and Missus Unique Interiors
    Mister and missus
    R 698.00
    Talula bunny Unique Interiors
    Talula bunny
    R 489.00
    Bunnybun Unique Interiors
    Bunnybun 29cmh
    R 739.00
    Animal stack Unique Interiors
    Animal stack
    R 739.00
    Headline Pot Unique Interiors
    Headline Pot
    R 299.00
    Face Up Unique Interiors
    Face Up Pot
    R 229.00
    Blackout 4" x 6" Unique Interiors
    Blackout frame
    R 179.00
    Tall Metal Hurricane Leaf Design Lantern
    R 1,029.00
    Rattan Table Lantern 46X18CM
    R 1,539.00
    Rabbit Toast Rack
    R 549.00
    Silver Eagle Bookends
    R 619.00
    Large Gold & Green Flower Head Planter
    R 579.00
    Large Silver Daisy Bunny
    R 749.00
    Zozo fish
    R 1,669.00
    R 1,079.00
    Extra Large Gold Metal Lantern
    R 989.00
    Extra Large Leaf Lantern
    R 1,379.00
    Silver Cactus Bush
    R 879.00
    Blue Dot Beaker
    R 259.00
    Coral hurricane classic blue
    Coral hurricane classic blue
    R 799.00
    Blue & White Glass Paperweight
    R 1,489.00

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