About us

At Unique Interiors store we don’t just sell furniture or interior goods. We sell lifestyles. We custom make according to the clients specific requirements. This sets us apart from anyone else.

With our motto of “living as close to the earth as possible” we try and avoid synthetic materials.

Coming from a background of horticulture and landscaping we have blended many of the concepts found within nature into the stores.

We believe firmly that a eco lifestyles should be part and parcel of daily living. Slowly but surely there is a trend taking place in the market where people are moving away from synthetic and factory made mass produced products.

As many of our pieces are individually designed and one of a kind this makes us unique in the retail field.

Our interior design and fabric has been designed to last a lifetime. The natural and aesthetic approach taken as well as the individual attention paid to each item allows for the creation of each custom made item to be designed in accordance with the needs of the client at the time. Care and diligence is taken with each item.

The factory employs master craftsman who pride themselves on the art of carpentry.

If you happen to be looking for that single item of unique custom design or an entire area of interior refurbishment. Look no further we are only a phone call or email away. Even better drop in for a free cup of coffee and meet with one of the owners to discuss your requirements in detail.