Strelitzia 760 x 600mm

SKU: Sheep 760 x 600mm
Strelitzia 760 x 600mm Unique Interiors

Strelitzia 760 x 600mm

SKU: Sheep 760 x 600mm
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Size : 760 x 600mm

Name: Strelitzia 760 x 600mm

Acrylic on Canvas


More about the artist:

Daniel Steyl as an artist:

Although my surname is Van der Linde I do work as an artist under the name Daniel Steyl my grandmothers’ surname.

Introduction to art? My mother who was also an Artist gave me Crayons and paper at an incredibly early age. I also had formal training as an artist.

What is the subject matter to my work? I can paint basically anything. I paint objects that matter to me and things that makes me happy.

What is my work about? My work tells stories. I paint from the heart and soul happy and colorful objects and not commercial art.

Where do I find the images I use? I get my inspiration from books, magazines, photos, and the town Parys I live in.

How do I want the audience to respond to my work? There is something for everybody. For the kitchen, lounge, bedroom and even for the bathroom. I paint what I feel like from still life’s, faces with emotion, bodies - male and female, small animals’ flowers, etc.

Some interesting things about myself and my art:

I see myself as creative and very enthusiastic about my work.

I mostly work on canvass in acrylic. Sometimes mixed media like pencil and dry pastels.

Visual components of my work include:

Colour, form, line, shape, space, and texture.

I paint early every morning and finish a painting late afternoon.

I believe I am doing my best work ever. My work is mostly realistic adding some abstract components. I put a little bit of myself into every art piece.

My motto in life is: The universe supports ACTION, not thinking and feeling.

My art is there for everybody to enjoy

Friendly greetings

Daniel Steyl

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