New WoodWick Range

by Ryno Smit
Shh... Do You Hear The Sound Of The WoodWick Candles?
Written by Celeste Bohlmann & Suzan Viviers

Looking at the rudimental beginning of the candle, from ancient times to our modern fascination with experimenting with various colours, scents and styles of candles.

We partnered with WoodWick to bring you the quintessential candle experience.

While the Egyptians were using wicked candles in 3,000 B.C., the ancient Romans

are generally credited with developing the wicked candle before that time by

dipping rolled papyrus repeatedly in melted tallow or beeswax. The resulting

candles were used to light their homes, to aid travellers at night, and in religious ceremonies. So, too do we use scented candles to commoderate special occasions.


WoodWick is just one of the candles used in our society today to not only assist but comfort us in our nostalgic feelings and memories. There are multiple scents and colours to choose from however for this article purpose I have only chosen my 5 favourites.


For starters Wood Smoke is at the top, as the fragrance from this candle creates a nostalgic feel of sitting around a campfire listening to the crackling noise from the wood, bringing back so many memories of camping with family and friends. The scent in the candle combines notes of Clove Bud and warm incense, followed by Pine Needle, Cedar Leaf and finally base notes of Glowing Amber, Smouldering Embers, Black Cedar, Smoky Guaiac wood, Sandwood, Black Musk and Vanilla. Wistful memories brought together.

The Oudwood candle deep in its brown colour with its incredible fragrances reminding you of the warm embrace of its delicate woody sweetness, complimented by the calming aroma of Amber, Musk and Vanilla. Having said that, herbal notes of Woodsmoke and Spice is what follows and finally finished with the musky base of Incense, Musk and Amber. In the end, all of these combined creates a fragrance of creamy vanilla and traces of smoked incense.

The cosy scent of Fireside in the attractive hourglass candle is in Nardo grey in colour. The candle is complemented by the soft crackling noise from burning the wood wick letting you remanence, in the warm aroma that is distinctive to the fragrances of Italian Bergamot followed by Golden Amber and Black Oak. In addition, the candle is finished off with musky notes of Smoked Mahogany and Vetiver creating a mysterious palette of fragrances to create a rustic atmosphere.

Evening Onyx is a mysterious treat for the senses with it steel grey colour and perfect hourglass figure. Indulge your senses with Yellow Grapefruit and Sheer Nectarine followed by notes of Orris, White Geranium and Heliotrope. The mystery is finished with fragrances of Golden Patchouli, Clear Musk and Olibanum. These delightful fragrances create a mysterious palette and a calming atmosphere for anyone willing to venture into the unknown of her aroma.

Seaside Mimosa will bring any sombre room the brightness it needs with its bright orange colour and dreams of sitting on the beach sipping cocktails. The delightful aromas of Sparkling Cassis, Juicy Orange and Fresh Lemon followed by Champagne Grapes and Sweet Jasmine creates that tropical feeling in the air and finishes it off with a slight hint of Sheer Amber, Vanilla and Musk. Leaving you wanting to jet off to a tropical paradise.

In recent times the internet has become our most loved source of information, shopping space and place for entertainment. As everything becomes more digitalised, we need to adapt to understand and rely on our own nostalgic memory to assist with our daily consumer lifestyles. Products such as the above mentioned assists us with reliving those moments that are held dear to our hearts and what better way to relive them with that specific fragrance to awaken the new adventure that awaits.