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    An outdoor dining set is a quick and easy way to get a coordinated look for your garden, patio or balcony. Choose from a wide range of sizes 

    Teak patio sets 

    6 / 18 / 10 Seater



    6 products
    Unique Interiors Lifestyle Teak Patio 8 Seater set
    Teak Patio 8 Seater set
    Sale price R 23,900.00 Regular price R 28,900.00 Save R 5,000
    Unique Interiors Lifestyle Fandeck Baby Solid Teak patio sets
    Fandeck Baby Solid Teak
    R 999.00
    Unique Interiors Lifestyle Teak patio set 6 seater
    Teak patio set 6 seater
    R 18,900.00
    Fandeck chair
    R 4,590.00
    Unique Interiors Lifestyle Teak Butcher Trolley
    Teak Butcher Trolley
    R 13,900.00

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