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    Our lifelike artificial flowers and plants don't smell like the real thing, but they'll give your home a real boost. They never wilt and look fresh year after year. And if you keep a few imitation flowers stored away, you can change them up with the seasons or brighten up a room anytime you want.
    184 products
    Pink cymbidium Unique Interiors
    Pink cymbidium
    R 239.00
    Tree Strelizia
    R 1,669.00
    Bamboo Branch
    R 59.00
    Strelizia tree
    R 2,679.00
    Olive branch
    R 119.00
    Standard rubber tree
    R 1,509.00
    Tree rubber.
    R 639.00
    Bird of paradise leaves
    R 2,049.00
    Large Ficus In Pot
    R 2,519.00
    Verdant bush
    R 49.00
    Eucalyptus freefall
    R 109.00
    Branch Out
    R 99.00
    Mossy Vine
    R 99.00
    Hothouse branch
    R 169.00
    Birds nest branch
    R 299.00
    7 trunk bamboo plant.
    R 2,049.00
    Blossom tree
    R 2,799.00
    Rondiflorium leaf tree
    R 2,689.00
    Rondiflorium tree
    R 899.00
    Tree eucalyptus
    R 2,719.00
    Euca tree
    R 1,919.00
    Eucalyptus tree
    R 979.00
    Tree olive
    R 2,699.00
    Olive tree
    R 1,849.00
    Fruiting olive tree
    R 969.00
    Whiteflush Phalaenopsis
    R 129.00
    Clematis Blue
    R 89.00
    Wax spray pink
    R 119.00
    Wax spray lilac
    R 119.00
    Little flames pincushion
    R 59.00
    Berry green
    R 59.00
    Plumwine Spray
    R 39.00
    Paeony Tutu
    R 89.00
    Arum Lily
    R 39.00
    Pink alstromeria
    R 99.00
    Pincushion icing sugar
    R 89.00
    Pincushion wildfire
    R 89.00
    Pincushion Flame.
    R 89.00
    Red pin cushion
    R 69.00
    Urchin Bush
    R 79.00

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