Monaluna 12cm

SKU: Monaluna 12cm
MONALUNA     A solid glass dome shaped object 12cm high with circumference of 22.5cm  Handmade this beautiful piece has within its clear depths a fascinating jellyfish shape with long tentacles in iced seablue  Glows in the dark. UNIQUE INTERIORS.
Monaluna 12cm

Monaluna 12cm

SKU: Monaluna 12cm
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Monaluna 12cm 

Expertly handcrafted, the Monaluna 12cm is a stunning solid glass dome, measuring 22.5cm in circumference and 12cm in height. Within its clear depths lies a mesmerizing jellyfish shape, radiating an ethereal glow in iced seablue. Perfect for adding a touch of oceanic enchantment to any space.



Unique Interiors


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